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Admissions Process

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Tuition Fees

SE Factory is currently moving to a more financially sustainable model that will enable the program to grow beyond Beirut, reaching hundreds more youths, and positively impacting their career opportunities.

As a result, there are two required payments for SE Factory students:

  1. If you get accepted, you are expected to pay $100 upon admission
  2. Only after you graduate and if you get employed, you will be expected to pay an equivalent of a one-month salary. You have the choice to pay this all at once, or in monthly installments spread over a period of 18 months
Payment Plans
** If your monthly salary is: 1 payment 3 payments 6 payments 12 payments 18 payments
2000.00 USD 2000.00 USD 666.67 USD / month 333.34 USD / month 166.67 USD / month 111.12 / month
1500.00 USD 1500.00 USD 500.00 USD / month 250.00 USD / month 125.00 / month 83.33 USD / month
1200.00 USD 1200.00 USD 400.00 USD / month 200.00 USD / month 100.00 USD / month 66.67 USD / month
1000.00 USD 1000.00 USD 333.33 USD / month 166.67 USD / month 83.33 USD / month 55.56 USD / month
** These are example salaries and the monthly payment will vary based on the exact value of the salary in your contract
* All the numbers above are subject to Lebanese taxes

If you refer an applicant who also gets accepted, you only pay $50 instead of the $100 for the admission fee. The latter doesn’t eliminate the one-month salary payment.

If you are accepted into the Foundations of Computer Science (FCS) course prior to the 3-month bootcamp, you will only pay the $100 admission fee once upon joining the Foundations of Computer Science course.

As a social enterprise, our mission is to transform the lives of young coders in Lebanon by improving their skills and helping them find viable and exciting job opportunities. By accepting to pay a one-month salary back to SE Factory, you are making it possible for more youth to also experience and benefit from this life-changing program.

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