Frequently Asked Questions

The majority of the questions you might have are answered below. However, in case you didn't find what you're looking for, feel free to drop us a line to and we'll get back to you the soonest!


Q1. What is the process to apply and get accepted?

We operate 3 program cycles per year, and we announce open applications on our website and Facebook page. When applications are open, the interested candidate would fill an online application request form before the stated deadline. The SE Factory team will then review the request, and if approved you will receive the actual application form. Once the application is submitted, a screening and/or a personal interview will be scheduled with the SE Factory team. Candidates who pass the interview stage will then undertake a technical skills assessment, after which the program's team will decide acceptance. Applicants will be notified of the program team’s decision whether accepted or rejected.

Q2. What are the exact criteria to apply?

  • To be highly motivated and hard-working.
  • To have studied the basics of computer science which is typically the case for Computer Science or Computer Engineering university graduates. However we accept applications from all students who can demonstrate knowledge of the fundamental topics of Computer Science (Algorithms and Datastructures, Database theory, Networking and Operating systems, Programming Languages theory etc.) whether they have a degree in the field or not. This program does not teach the basics of programming.
  • To have a maximum of 1 semesters left if you are still earning your University degree. If you have more, focus on your studies we will be here when you are done.
  • To speak, read and write basic English.
  • To be 18 years old and above
  • To be able to commit full time for 3 months, all weekdays from 10am to 7pm

Q3. Can I have a job or study during the 3 months of the program?

The program is very intensive and demanding, it is from Monday to Friday 10:00am till 7:00pm. It requires a significant investment of your time, so we believe it is most suitable for those who have complete free time.

Q4. How much does the program cost?

SE Factory is currently moving to a more financially sustainable model that will enable the program to grow beyond Beirut, reaching hundreds more youths, and positively impacting their career opportunities.

As a result, there are two required payments for SE Factory students:

  1. If you get accepted, you are expected to pay $100 upon admission
  2. Only after you graduate and if you get employed, you will be expected to pay an equivalent of a one-month salary. You have the choice to pay this all at once, or in monthly installments spread over a period of 18 months
Payment Plans
** If your monthly salary is: 1 payment 3 payments 6 payments 12 payments 18 payments
2000.00 USD 2000.00 USD 666.67 USD / month 333.34 USD / month 166.67 USD / month 111.12 / month
1500.00 USD 1500.00 USD 500.00 USD / month 250.00 USD / month 125.00 / month 83.33 USD / month
1200.00 USD 1200.00 USD 400.00 USD / month 200.00 USD / month 100.00 USD / month 66.67 USD / month
1000.00 USD 1000.00 USD 333.33 USD / month 166.67 USD / month 83.33 USD / month 55.56 USD / month
** These are example salaries and the monthly payment will vary based on the exact value of the salary in your contract
* All the numbers above are subject to Lebanese taxes

If you refer an applicant who also gets accepted, you only pay $50 instead of the $100 for the admission fee. The latter doesn’t eliminate the one-month salary payment.

If you are accepted into the Foundations of Computer Science (FCS) course prior to the 3-month bootcamp, you will only pay the $100 admission fee once upon joining the Foundations of Computer Science course.

As a social enterprise, our mission is to transform the lives of young coders in Lebanon by improving their skills and helping them find viable and exciting job opportunities. By accepting to pay a one-month salary back to SE Factory, you are making it possible for more youth to also experience and benefit from this life-changing program.

Q5. Are only Lebanese nationals accepted in the program?

Participation is not confined to Lebanese nationals, but a key here is to focus on filling the demand gap for skilled software developers in Lebanon and contributing to keeping bright minds in the country. Therefore, preference is given to participants who are able to legally work in Lebanon after the program.

Q6. What is the general program structure?

The program consists of a 3-month intensive training in web development, on Monday to Friday each week from 10-7pm. The program also includes soft skills training, which comprises ~20% of the training. Please refer to our syllabus for detailed information.

Q7. Does the curriculum cover mobile development?

Not yet, we only cover full-stack web development (front-end and back-end)

Q8. How did you develop the curriculum? How often does it get updated?

Our curriculum is developed based on a detailed analysis of the market needs, and the hot skills currently needed by the digital sector. The curriculum is frequently refreshed and updated per the ever-changing demands and trends of the industry.

Q9. Where can we find a copy of the curriculum?

It's available here:

Q10. What is soft skills training? And what does that include?

Soft skills are non-technical skills that are essential for success in the job market. These include inter-personal skills such as presentation, business etiquette, and communication as well as managerial skills such as project management, leadership, and personal finance. SE Factory offers soft skills workshops and trainings alongside the core technical training.

Q11. Am I guaranteed a job after finishing the program?

No. SE Factory does not guarantee employment. The program, however, equips students with unique advanced skills that highly enhance their employment potential. We also introduce students to representatives from companies that are potentially looking to hire throughout the program, and help them build a professional network. As an example, 90% of our pilot batch graduates received job offers within 6 weeks of program completion.

Q12. Where can I apply?


Q13. How long does the application process take?

The process is a bit lengthy and we are trying to shorten that period as much as possible. We usually open the applications forms 3 months before the cycle's starting date. You will hear from us regarding your application, 1 month before the cycle's starting date.

  1. Eligibility Stage: 3 months before cycle's starting date
  2. Application Submission
  3. Interview Stage: 1 month before cycle's starting date
  4. Admission: 1 week before cycle's starting date

Q14. What is the Foundations of Computer Science (FCS) course/program?

The Foundations of Computer Science course is a precursory program that offers an extensive recap of the fundamental concepts in Computer Science. FCS was introduced after the SE Factory team has observed the need for strengthening the relevant knowledge base in many candidate profiles. The program starts a month prior to our advanced bootcamp and spans over 30 days, giving you the option to join the advanced bootcamp afterwards.

Q15. How exactly is the Foundations of Computer Science course different from Full-Stack Web Development bootcamp?

The FCS course curriculum covers a series of fundamental concepts in Computer Science whereas the advanced bootcamp tackles progressive concepts that prepare you for the job market.

Q16. What are the eligibility requirements/criteria to apply to the Foundations of Computer Science Course?

The program has the same eligibility criteria (refer to Q2) as the full-stack web development bootcamp given that the material revolves around fundamental concepts in computer science. Hence, you need to have a relevant educational background in Computer Science or related fields. However, the selection process is slightly less conservative regarding how advanced your skill-set should be.

Q17. What is the process to apply and get accepted for the Foundations of Computer Science Course?

The application process is the same as that of the full-stack web development bootcamp. Upon reviewing your submitted application, the SE Factory team will advise you on which track is most suitable for your current skill level. You can apply through:

Q18. Can I join the advanced bootcamp after completing the Foundations of Computer Science Course?

If you complete the FCS program and have scored within the 80th percentile and higher you will be eligible to immediately join the full-stack web development program without going through the interview process.

Q19. How much does the FCS program cost? Do I need to pay again if I’ve completed the Foundations of Computer Science course?

If you get accepted, the cost of this one month long course would be $100. No, if you join the advanced bootcamp program from the FCS course, you will not be required to pay an admissions fee again.

Q20. I have a question not covered above, how can I reach out?

Use the messaging tool at the bottom right of this page, and we will get back to you within a 48 hour window.

The journey of the full-stack web developer

With 5000 job openings in the Lebanese digital sector annually, you would expect that the 4000 computer science graduates will have a 0% unemployment rate. Unfortunately, though, most graduates do not have the high-caliber technical skills that employees are looking for, while most employers do not invest in training fresh graduates. This results in hundreds of graduates getting employed in unrelated positions, while others leave the country.

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